Becoming an Otium Member.

This page provides detailed information about Otium and the application process for joining our community.

If you are confident that you meet our criteria and are eager to immerse yourself into the Otium Community, please click the button below, complete the form, and we will promptly get in touch with you.


Experience the difference

  • Private

    The vast majority of events are private and not shared with the public. Our club is restricted to members only and privacy is paramount.

  • Exclusive

    Otium is based around a mutual love and ownership of both supercars and or high end exotics and requires all applicants to meet specific criteria.

  • Consistent

    Otium's yearly calendar continues to deliver in excess of 15-25 events both large and small, ranging from drive days, dining and exclusive events.

  • Diverse

    Our diverse range of supercars is matched by the diverse age demographics of those young and young at heart.

Frequently asked questions.

Can anyone join Otium?

Otium is a private an exclusive community. We host both private and public events with our private events being crafted purely for those who have joined our community.

Our joining application process is in place to ensure the integrity and exclusivity of our membership base. Otium applicants can either come recommened or refferred to the club or via following the joining process and meeting the criteria.

Is a supercar required to join Otium?

Yes, however we also accept high end exotic vehicles.

Otium is based around a mutual love and ownership of both supercars and/or high end exotics.

It underpins the essence of our community and ensures that all members are like minded and similarly invested on a level playing field.

How regularly does Otium host events?

Otium's calendar of events extends all year long, we run monthly events including drives, winery lunches, business networking events, gala dinners and cocktail parties and of course the impromptu drives and catch ups on the weekends between members.

Is Otium family friendly?


Otium is a diverse and completely inclusive environment for both adults and children. All of our events are frequented not only by couples but also complete families with children.

Is Otium just a car club?

We don't like to think of ourselves as just a car club, even though cars are the attraction point for joining Otium enjoys a variety of events that are lifestyle based and have no affiliation to cars.

Is there a membership fee?


To provide value to our community and continue to run our vast events Otium has an annual membership fee for access, our fee gives you complete access to everything that is Otium, the network, the friendships, the connections and of course all of our private events throughout the year that some only Otium members will ever experience.

Welcome to Otium

- Established in 2015 -

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Otium Member.

Otium is a unique and exclusive multi-brand exotic community with over three hundred owners of some of Australia's rarest, most sought-after, and most expensive super & exotic cars. Otium’s diverse demographic includes owners from their twenties through to their sixties, which along with its brand diversity, sets it apart from all other car communities. Our members come from a range of different professions and cultural backgrounds, but all share common interests in luxury, exclusive events, fun, laughter, and of course exotic and supercars.

Participation in Otium as a Member will provide you with highly sought-after access and valuable experiences with an elite group of exotic and supercar owners in Victoria. We invite all our members to stay active and attend our events regularly to continue to enjoy the Otium privileges.

Otium is a exclusive community however we want those interested to join to be active in the club as much as they may meet our criteria. Please read on for more details of the opportunities presented by becoming a member of Otium.



The success of Otium in nine years since its inception is both thrilling and humbling.

 Otium was established in Melbourne Australia in 2015. The community was created to bring diverse successful people together to create memories and experiences that would last a lifetime. Our focus was on hosting unique events that bring together people who enjoy the prestigious side of life and like to socialize, network, and learn from each other.

 Otium discovered an untapped enthusiasm for a supercar lifestyle in Melbourne. Over 340+ people have joined together in that time, with a love for cars and unique experiences, made even more amazing by the truly unique array of exotic vehicles that attend every Otium event. Exceeding 300+ members in our lifespan to date is an exceptional milestone we are very proud of.

Today Otium has over $85+ Million of cars in the club, having the most diverse range of cars you can see, from stunning collectible classic exotics to the newest and rarest supercars. The brands range from McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Maserati, Aston Martin, and so on.

Otium’s success is measured wholly by the real people that we have in our community.

 Otium has become a family, a community where members are proud of their membership. It’s a community of friends, devoid of ego or animosity, with an open-armed welcome to every new member. However you look at it, Otium is unique and a real success story, and it’s only getting better and better, the only way to get a feeling of our words here is to experience it first-hand yourself.

 Our incredible events have continued to provide a focal point for our members to come together and enjoy a day out with friends whilst enjoying their passions and interests. 

The amazing Otium events we create are a special reminder of what we have achieved. Whether it’s hosting charity events and seeing the generosity of our members, organizing official drive days to the classiest venues in Victoria that often see 50 or more cars in attendance, hosting some of Melbourne's best Cars and Coffee events or special events like track days, car launches and exclusive events, Otium’s frequent events represent a standard rarely matched on even an occasional basis by any other community.

Otium is more than just the appreciation of fine exotics & supercars. We are a lifestyle community dedicated to people who appreciate enjoying the things they have worked hard to achieve with like-minded people.

We strive to be seen, not just as a car community, but as a brand that represents a lifestyle to be aspired to and a place that people can come and always feel a part of.


To become a part of our exclusive community you must meet our criteria.

Our criteria is a standard that we have developed the image of our community to be in line with.

With meeting the criteria there is also a yearly membership fee.
The criteria are simple and outlined below:

Vehicles must be exotic, sport, or supercar-related in nature. 
"An exotic/sport/supercar vehicle is defined by us as being the rarest and most expensive in its class, a rare classic collectible or a car defined by its value. 

We also may assess the age of the car and the numbers manufactured. 
All we need from here is evidence that you may own a car that meets our criteria. 

(Evidence is sharing photos of your car with us)


Integrating into our community offers you a range of bonuses that provide utmost value to you as a member.

By becoming a member the below is available to you:

- A range of discounts and specials from our club supporters are listed below

- Access for you and a guest to all our drive days and events throughout the year

- Invitations to all launch parties and social nights

- Access to the Otium Business Exchange where we network with each other

- Instant access to our online social media community where discussions with other supercar and exotic owners occur

- Access to interstate partner clubs and events

- Exclusive event invitations through our club partners

- Most importantly included in the largest, oldest, and most exclusive exotic and supercar community in Australia


We hope this small introduction to Otium brings you interest in becoming part of our community and exploring the possibilities and experiences that come with it.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, thank you.

The Otium Team


Discover what real members have to say. With over 9 years of Otium existence, we've warmly welcomed hundreds of guests and members. Here's just a glimpse of their shared experiences.

  • Danny - Member since 2016

    Every event I have attended since joining have been some of my fondest memories and have added multitudes of value to my supercar ownership experience, yes its great to work hard and have a nice car but to be able to share that with others who also share that love is truly something special and I'm thankful for Otium for providing me that. Every event conducted is a day I rarely forget.

  • Peter - Member since 2020

    Joining Otium has been one of the best social decisions I have made, not only are the people great but everytime we go to an event it is an overwhelming amount of joy, from the incredible array of cars to the vast friends made, this club truly is a no ego place to come and share our love for all things automotive and lifestyle, thanks to the team for such a huge amount of value added to my life.

  • Jordan - Member since 2021

    Since joining Otium, it has been an incredible place to meet like minded people, and share our love of cars. I have met some life long friends through Otium including Jesse the founder. I have really loved the networking and events, and it’s amazing sharing your own and other peoples car journeys together. Highly recommend Otium if you are looking to meet great people who love supercars.

  • Ruwan - Member since 2018

    My wife and I have been part of the Otium since Feb 2018 and in that time have shared some of the best times. We have met amazing, inspiring people, made great friends, been introduced to great business contacts, gone on amazing drives, wined and dined at some of the best restaurants and wineries and just had a lot of fun along the way. The team have ensured the club is friendly, respectful, helpful and ensure everyone is made to feel welcome including my children which I have been able to bring along. Otium really is a community unlike any other.

  • Rob - Member since 2022

    I was referred to Otium back in 2022 after being asked by a friend to attend and display my car at their Cocktail Party, after attending the event and meeting a range of members I witnessed what kind of community it was I made the decision to join.

    My wife and I were made very welcome and we found the members of the club to be a great bunch of car enthusiasts who were always up for a good time. Since joining we have been on countless runs to wineries and restaurants and have made many fantastic memories with great friends.

  • Julian - Member since 2015

    Otium is a great club, it brings all walks from all over Melbourne and Victoria together to enjoy and participate in drive days and a huge array of events. I love it, it adds a huge amount of enjoyment to my life and has become a great anticipation of whats next for me every month, my favorite aspect all along was having my teenage son at the time come to every event with me, now after 9 years of attending he is an adult and now attends in his own car which is really special to me, its a credit to all involved that every event brings a great time.

  • Grant - Member since 2017

    After joining Otium back in 2017 I was overwhelmed with the amount of amazing cars. From the first drive I was welcomed in to an amazing group of car lovers who to my surprise were so down to earth and friendly. Everyone in the group are inspiring, genuine and a lot of fun. Not only have I experienced a range of things I wouldn't have done on my own but with people who have become great friends along the way. I would recommend joining as soon as you can and you will never look back. I’m a member for life!

  • Mark - Member since 2021

    For myself, my wife and our son Otium is not just a car club for a place to see some Supercars but an inclusive community of like minded people who we can all rely on each other and call family. We have been coming for years now and every event gets better especially when you get to meet new faces.

    Every event that we have attended has been organised with the finest detail and its always a great day out for my whole family, we love all that Otium hosts and the events and experiences we have been able to share are invaluable.

  • Rob - Member since 2020

    As a member of Otium Club for 4+ years, I can honestly say the people you meet and the experiences you gain have simply been amazing and life changing. I was always dubious about joining a “Supercar Club” and the types of characters you would meet, but I have been pleasantly surprised and have made some amazing friends, and even have had quite a few become clients of my business which was an added surpirse. I highly recommend anyone considering joining Otium to just do it, you wont regret it!

  • David - Member since 2016

    After joining Otium back in 2017 I was overwhelmed with the amount of amazing cars and genuine people. From the first drive and meet I was welcomed in to an already amazing group of car lovers who to my surprise were so down to earth and friendly. Everyone in the group are inspiring, genuine and a lot of fun. Not only have I experienced a range of things I would have struggle to do on my own but with people who have become great friends along the way. I would recommend joining as soon as you can and you will never look back. I’m a member for life!

  • Grace - Member since 2019

    I've been a member of Otium since around 2019 and I've had such a fantastic time ever since. The club's operations are sleek and professional, and the members are a diverse group of fun- loving people I consider my car club family. After participating in numerous car events, spirited drive days, lunches at exquisite locations, car shows, and even non-car related special events, I've been inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the good folk of our club, which led me to upgrade and purchase my Testarossa. I've continued to be inspired and encouraged by all in this inclusive community.

  • Travis - Member since 2015

    I was lucky enough to come across Jesse and Otium almost 10 years ago. The first drive day was extremely memorable, from the great people I met as much as the beautiful roads we travelled. I’ve been fortunate to see that people join Otium because they love supercars, but they stay because its an outstanding community. The shared passion for cars and driving experiences is unmatched. Otium has evolved and grown so much over the years due to outstanding leadership from Jesse, the club has become an amazing resource of business connections, travel inspirations and referrals.

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