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more than a Car Community...

  • Passion

    Our journey at Otium begins with a shared passion for supercars and compelling events!

    We are dedicated to bringing together and uniting appreciators and owners of supercars and exotic cars who want to attend exclusive and enjoyable events while networking with other owners.

  • Networking

    Relationships come first!

    In our community we establish a place for people to meet in a natural and no pressure environment leading to many relationships created having beneficial outcomes exceeding just events inside the club but as well as many gaining beneficial business outcomes and referrals.

  • Exclusive Community

    Otium embarked on its journey in 2015 and today boasts a membership of over 300 participants who boast a collection of supercars and exotics exceeding over $100 million in value.

    Fostering a community where enthusiasts can connect, share experiences, and create memories has always been our mission.

  • Lifestyle

    Indulge in a rich tapestry of activities, from elegant luncheons and dinners, distinct cars and coffees events, exclusive VIP gatherings, launch parties and exhilarating drive days, we afford the privilege of continually offering an avenue for savouring life's most exquisite moments.

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Otium proudly showcases the largest and most diverse collection of supercars in Australia, bringing together all the brands we love in one central location.

Each event features some of the rarest and most sought-after cars in Australia. Born from a passion for bringing together remarkable cars, Otium's community now boasts a collection valued at over $100 million in supercars and exotics.

However, Otium is not just about supercars; it's about connecting people, creating amazing life experiences, and fostering friendships around shared passions.

Fine Dining

Our core philosophy is to create unforgettable events for our community members, offering dining and social experiences that are truly unique.

We take pleasure in everything Victoria has to offer, from the Inner Suburbs to the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula, and Macedon Ranges. As we explore our great state and its exceptional dining venues, we host unforgettable drive routes along the way for you and your guests to marvel over.


At Otium, we excel in hosting high-end events designed to bring together our community for exceptional social and networking experiences.

Prepare to be welcomed at our exclusive gatherings, meticulously designed to impress. Experience the adrenaline rush of our monthly drive days and the opulence of our lavish launch parties as Otium delivers a series of extraordinary events. Immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of occasions like the Australian Grand Prix, expand your networking horizons at our esteemed business events, and savor the elegance of our social catch ups and private business showcase events. Experience indulgent weekends away and immerse yourself in the sophistication of our themed evenings such as the unforgettable Pink Argyle Diamond night at the prestigious President's Villa at Crown.

The pinnacle of our event lineup is Otium's Annual Cocktail Party, an opulent affair promising an unforgettable blend of elegance and connection. With meticulous planning, each event is tailored to create exhilarating experiences and nurture enduring relationships, ensuring that every Otium gathering is an essential occasion not to be missed.

The Otium Community

At Otium, our community is more than just a gathering of individuals; it's a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences, genuine connections, and lasting friendships.

Here, amidst the backdrop of luxury and refinement, members come together to create memories that transcend the ordinary. Our community is a place where the barriers of ego dissolve, and interactions flow effortlessly, fostering an environment of warmth and inclusivity. Whether it's bonding over a mutual appreciation for exquisite automobiles or simply enjoying each other's company at one of our meticulously curated events, every moment spent in the Otium community is infused with a sense of belonging and authenticity.

It's a sanctuary where individuals from all walks of life converge to celebrate life's pleasures and forge meaningful relationships that extend far beyond the confines of our exclusive club. In this sanctuary of camaraderie and shared passion, the Otium community thrives, enriching the lives of all who are fortunate enough to be a part of it.

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How to Join Otium?

We make joining Otium simple.

As an exclusive community, Otium requires all applicants to meet a specific criteria.

You will need to provide personal details, including proof of ownership of a supercar or high-end exotic vehicle. We will review your information to ensure you meet the criteria and then contact you via the provided email address with the next steps.

Upon acceptance, an annual membership fee grants you access to the community and our events.

To express your interest, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.

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